Connecting finance, family and future

The World Citizens approach is a holistic one. We don’t just consider your finances in isolation. We also look at the bigger picture: lifestyle, family connections, whether where you’re living now is where you’re likely to be in the future.

We work to a tried and tested process honed over many years by the CFP but adapted by us to fit the particular needs of our global citizens. It makes it simple for you to start, so we can deal with the complexity in the middle and give you a clear solution to move forward.




STEP 1: A simple chat via phone or Skype

We understand that you need to trust the person giving you important financial advice, and that means emails alone just won’t cut it.

So let's chat – person to person.


STEP 2: Establish and define client-planner relationship

Are we right for you?

Are you right for us?

It helps if we are all clear from the very start about how we can work together. This will ensure we can give you the advice and service you need.


STEP 3: Gather client data, including goals

Once we have all the relevant facts, we will be better placed to provide you with the right advice for your unique circumstances.


STEP 4: Analyse and evaluate your financial status

The numbers. Tax. Regulation.

All boring stuff, but it's critical we understand how all of this affects you. In turn, that makes the advice we give both appropriate and robust.

In short, knowing where you stand today will help you make a plan to take you where you want to go in the future.


STEP 5: Develop and present financial planning

Essentially, this is about trying to create an elegant simplicity out of the current complexities.

Most importantly, you need to understand our recommendations so you can have clarity about the choices you have, and the decisions that need to be taken.


STEP 6: Implement the financial planning recommendations

Once you understand our advice, it’s time to take action.

Some of these will be for you to do, and some of it will be for us. The more we can do, the better. But most importantly, we will oversee the process, helping where we can.


STEP 7: Monitor the financial planning recommendations

Nothing is as certain as change. It’s vital to ensure that our advice remains appropriate as your life changes, and the rules change around us.


Throughout this process, we’ll manage any documents through our secure online systems, keep you up to date via email and telephone, and be available to you whenever you need us.


Of course, every single one of our clients is different and we treat each of them as individuals. To discuss your personal circumstances in more detail, simply get in touch. We can always ring you back or arrange a Skype call at a time that suits you.


Can we help you?


To make sure our clients get the very best level of service, we only work with a limited number of people at any one time. If we can’t recognise a client’s voice on the telephone, we’ve taken on too many!

If you have assets, income or liabilities in more than one jurisdiction and could use a friendly expert to help you manage them, get in touch to see whether we’re a good fit. We can always ring you back or set up a Skype call if that’s easier.