For millions of people around the world, the country where they were born is not the one they currently call home. As one of these world citizens, you’ll know the joys of having experienced life on more than one continent. But you’ll also know that global adventure comes with its own challenges.

At World Citizens, we understand that personal financial affairs can become complicated when there are international borders involved. From complex tax laws to the uncertain nature of exchange rates, protecting your interests and those of your family can be tough.

That’s why we’re here: to provide the specialist support, guidance and help you need to make the best choices for today and for the future.



World Citizens

We know what it’s like to negotiate the intricacies of international finance. Between us we’ve lived in Zimbabwe, the US, South Africa and the UK, with friends and family spread across four continents.

We’re also highly qualified financial planners and chartered wealth management experts with around 60 years’ experience between us, helping individuals and families take control of their finances, wherever in the world they happen to be based.


How we've helped our clients:



When these clients relocated from South Africa to the UK to be closer to family, they needed help transferring long-term assets, reducing a potentially scary tax bill, and creating a cushion for their currency movements.


A plan for retirement

After living in Canada, the US and the UK, these clients decided to retire to northern England - a move that required a financial plan which could work across three countries, in three currencies, and with very different tax regimes.




Retiring to Australia after a career in the UK was a dream come true for this client, especially when he discovered a forgotten British pension with a significant transfer value. All he needed was someone to help him bring it over safely.


HOW do you know when you are a world citizen?

Some simple questions:

Do you carry the current time and exchange rate for at least one other country in your head?

Do you hesitate to answer the question ‘Where are you from?’?

Do you find yourself translating from British English, to South African and American English? So words like robots, pants, circles and trunk vary in meaning.

If the answers are yes, you probably fit the bill.

Can we help you?

To make sure our clients get the best level of service, we only work with a limited number of people at any one time. If we can’t recognise a client’s voice on the telephone, we’ve taken on too many!

If you have assets, income or liabilities in more than one jurisdiction and could use a friendly expert to help you manage them, get in touch to see whether we’re a good fit. We can always ring you back or set up a Skype call if that’s easier.